Spring is in the air... so come enjoy it along with a delicious meal with friends and family at the Brownstone Cafe's sidewalk patio! With a combined 30 years of flavour knowledge, our chefs bring tiny touches to our food that ensure each bite will be a succulent, unforgettable dining experience. From our sauces to sides, appetizers to desserts, we have gone the extra mile to perfect our menu. The team behind the Brownstone Cafe has strived to create the most beautiful dining environment possible. Enjoy all of our hard work by checking out this wonderful 360 degree view of our establishment. In order to provide the tastiest experience in all of Antigonish, we carefully select each of our ingredients to ensure that nothing is compromised in the creation of your next meal. Using only the best ingredients we can find, we create each of our dishes with a Mediterannean inspiration. Complex flavours combine with simple rustic cooking techniques to create a perfect blend of texture and taste.
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